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Overwatch Hero Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks provide a tangible advantage over your opponents and work in a similar way to filling out dots on a schematic. They are no substitute for working on improving your gaming fundamentals, but combined with proper learning you can find yourself commanding games in no time. This list is a work in progress so remember to check back in every now and then for more (including videos!).



  • Jump around corners or off ledges and activate sentry mode whilst airborne to be able to start firing as soon as possible.

  • The same as above, but activate his heal whilst airborne.

  • You don’t need a Reinhardt to babysit you, it may work for a while but they will wise up to the cheese and counter you. Playing without a dedicated support for you is perfectly viable, simply remember to move often.

  • Bastion ultimate rockets do 205 dmg which 1 shots most non-tanks. Jump before firing to give yourself a better angle to shoot at their feet to take advantage of the AOE effect.

  • Enemies will typically jump around while you are in tank mode. Wait until they are about to land after jumping to shoot. Hitting someone mid-air is difficult, but jump trajectories are predictable.

  • Recon mode does very similar dps to Solider 76's assault rifle, don’t be afraid to play around in Recon Mode if Sentry Mode isn’t safe.

  • You can rocket jump with Tank Configuration which allows you to jump over obstacles, over Reinhardt shield, get a good line of sight for your shots and to travel faster as the enemy team will likely back out when hearing you activate your ultimate.

  • To rocket jump look at your feet, jump, then fire in rapid succession.

  • When fighting a Genji you can heal while they have reflect up to give yourself an edge.

  • When fighting Genji you can pre-emptively look behind you when he is about to dash, to quickly finish him off before he double jumps around you.

  • If a Widow, Hanzo, Pharah or Junkrat are able to safely peak you, move ASAP.


  • You are not a sniper, sitting at the back taking pot shots at the enemy team is an easy way to waste a damage slot on your team comp. He should be played primarily at mid to close range

  • Take your time with your shots. There's no point firing as soon as you're charged up if you don't have the shot lined up. Wait for the right time and land your arrows.

  • Aim Scatter Arrow at the feet of enemies for enormous burst damage.

  • Use Sonic Arrow wisely. If you can already see the enemy team in the street in front of you, shoot your Sonic Arrow at a flank point to keep your team safe.

  • In certain areas you can shoot your Sonic Arrow at walls instead of the ground to give better info (eg. Defense and Offense on point A Hanamura)

  • Try to Dragonstrike through walls or buildings to catch enemies off guard.

  • Aim your Dragonstrike between the enemy tanks and their backline to separate them from the team for easy pick offs.

  • People will often try to counterpick you with Winston. Take your time and land the scatter arrow at this feet once he has landed and you will win the fight 9/10. His Tesla cannon does 60 dps, you can spare a second or two if you need it to line up that Scatter Shot. If you panic and miss, chances are you'll die.

  • If you get into trouble (outnumbered, Rein on you, low hp etc) start wall climbing and shooting while you fall back to the ground. Keep repeating until your team helps you out or you land the necessary shots.



  • When a Roadhog uses his ultimate on you, instead of letting it destroy your shield then kill you - jump and drop your shield then immediately reactive it. This will throw you away from him and out of danger while only taking a small amount of damage.

  • Avoid letting your shield get completely destroyed as it incurs a 5 second cooldown before recharging.

  • A big part of playing Reinhardt is facing off against the enemy Reinhardt. Your shield stops Earthshatter. Time your ultimate when the enemy Reinhardt Firestrikes, has his shield destroyed, charges or is otherwise occupied. Juke out the enemy Reinhardt by quickly dropping shield to waste his ultimate.

  • Don’t be afraid to use your ultimate on an enemy Genji ultimate, or an Ana boosted Reaper. If you can secure a numbers advantage and protect your team, that should be enough to win the teamfight and/or secure the objective.



  • Roughly every 6 seconds the enemy Reinhardt will drop his shield to Firestrike. Use this window to hook him and secure your team a valuable pick off.

  • When hooking targets that can’t be 1 shot by your hook combo (soldier, ana, mercy, widow and others) once your hook connects, look 90 degrees to the side then flick back to them and shoot/melee. This pulls them closer to you and subsequently makes them able to be killed with the combo.

  • When using your heal in combat, look away from the enemy and at the ground to avoid being headshot.

  • Roadhog hook has a larger vertical hitbox - you can hook targets completely out of your vision if you know where they are. For example a Hanzo hiding at the edge of a roof, simply hook a little above the roof line to grab him. Same goes for people behind boxes, just hook over the top.


  • Shield an ally when they are already taking damage. As soon as you start doing this you'll find yourself sitting at max energy and saving teammates far more often. Exceptions can be shielding for Firestrikes+ other projectiles and shielding a wombo combo hero so they can't be stopped. 

  • Zarya can rocket jump with her right click. Look directly down at the ground, right click, then jump is very quick succession for a bigger jump and speed increase. Use this repeatedly to travel back to a fight faster or escape Mei Ultimate without using shield. Use it to reach higher windows or ledges where enemies won't be expecting you.

  • You can even do a double rocket jump by launching a right click vertically into the air and performing the normal rocket jump just as it's about to land. This is rarely useful mid-game but it has some niche uses that can get you to surprisingly high places.

  • When you catch multiple enemies in your ultimate, don't just spam right click. Right click, then left click for a short time while your right click is recharging for maximum damage potential.

  • Try to save your personal barrier until you are about to run out of your in-built shield of 200. You can naturally regenerate this and allowing enemies to chip into 200~ of shields usually makes them commit damage which is then fully absorbed by your personal barrier.

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