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Cheat Sheet

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Key Reminders


Below is a quick summary of the chapters to help you recall what you can actively do in your games to greatly improve.

The Schematic
  • Think about every situation – Why did I die? Why did we lose that fight? Did I miss my shots? Was my positioning wrong? Did our composition need changing?

  • Even if you’re winning you need to think about what could have been done better

  • 6 enemies all doing something somewhere

  • Mentally track and predict the position of non-visible enemies

  • Anticipate and play around enemy ultimates and other cooldowns

Focus vs Autopilot
  • Think about every shot - really focus on where your reticle needs to be and the hand/arm movement needed to get it there

  • Don’t allow negative chat or tilt to distract and push you into autopilot

Aim Training
  • Use any spare time to practise your flicks and tracking

  • Choose a spot and flick to it

  • Choose a spot and track it while moving around

  • Why did I miss my shots? Over/underaiming, shooting too early, too late?

Harnessing emotion
  • Expect to lose 50% of games

  • Protect your own tilt, and if possible manage team’s morale - If you’re slipping, drop chat

  • Be honest with your play and add to your schematic instead of placing the blame externally

I recommend printing this off or displaying it on another monitor when playing to refresh your memory on what you can do to become a fundamentally better gamer.

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