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How important is my gear?

It would be nice to think that all gameplay was simply based on skill but at the end of the day your PC and peripherals have a significant impact on playing to your potential. Imagine that your maximum potential performance rating is 100 and this equals being a Grandmaster player. Oops you only have a small office mousepad so you can't play at a low enough sensitivity, your rating just dropped to 80. Low end PC with low framerate? Let's drop it down to 75. Don't have a 144Hz monitor to get cutting edge information and feedback? Down to 65 sorry. Your mouse doesn't fit your hand well or has a bad sensor? 60. Keyboard is old and key presses are slower than a modern mechanical keyboard? Aaaand we're down to 55.

The gear you use plays a huge role in maximizing your performance so I have analyzed the gear pro players use, sifted through reviews and tested my setup to compile a list of the most competitive items for your convenience.

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A 144Hz monitor provides a tremendous advantage and truly allows you to play to your potential. The smooth image and incredible feedback makes aiming and in particular tracking far more manageable. If you play on an older monitor you might feel like targets are moving so erratically that flicking or tracking is sometimes close to impossible, that's because of the low frame rate your monitor is displaying. You simply aren't being given enough information to work with. Make sure your computer specs are good enough to run Overwatch at this framerate though! If this is going to be a problem look into a graphics card like the GTX 970 or if you're feeling frisky the GTX 1080. Otherwise check out complete desktop options.

The BenQ XL2430T is extraordinarily popular among professional gamers and for good reason. For gaming, you can't ask for much more as it offers an incredible picture alongside the 144Hz refresh rate that provides a massive advantage when playing an FPS game like Overwatch. This model is widely used by Overwatch pro players but there is a newer model that is worth looking into before purchasing this model - BenQ ZOWIE [New] 24-Inch 1080p LED Full HD 144Hz 

Notable players who use it: Dignitas (team), EnVyUs (team), Fnatic (team), Liquid (team),Reunited (team), baud, Clockwork, deBett, Gods, jkw, Reaver, Surefour, Twoeasy, winz.

If you're looking for the incredible performance of 144Hz monitors but you're on a budget, this is the option for you. A cheaper alternative to the BenQ that still performs at a high level. If you have any doubts, have a read through the reviews and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you get while being so affordable.

Notable players who use it:  Splyce (team)


overwatch guide. mousepad, aiming, zowie

This mousepad is quickly becoming a favorite among competitive players, boasting a massive size and overwhelmingly positive reviews about the material and the subsequent tracking it provides. The Zowie (G-SR) will be the next mousepad I purchase.

Notable players who use it: EnVyUs (team), Bromas, EISSFELDT, Enigma, Morte, Numlocked, Re1nforce, Shake, uNKOE, Zaprey.

overwatch guide. mousepad, aiming, steelseries

This mousepad is very common among competitive Overwatch players as it is very thick (6mm) which allows it to be used more reliably on more surfaces, especially at LANs. There is another version that is wider for players who need the extra space - SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad.

Notable players who use it: Lunatic Hai (team), Hymzi, Kryw, Joemeister, Twoeasy, vallutaja, winz, zombs.

overwatch guide. mousepad, aiming, steelseries

The pic on the left is my current mousepad and it has been an excellent purchase. The size is great at long as you aren't running a very low sensitivity. The tracking is seamless. My only criticism is the 'G' in the corner is sticky and you can't run your mouse over it, although it doesn't happen often. 

Notable players who use it: Cloud 9 (team), Seagull, KnOxXx, torkTJO.


Please take the following mouse recommendations as a guideline rather than a list of the 'best' gaming mice as the choice largely depends on preference and hand shape, as long as you choose a mouse with a perfect sensor. A couple of side buttons can be handy and I make great use out of them in all games I play.

advanced overwatch guide, mouse, aiming, competitive, razer

Described as the 'World's most popular gaming mouse' this mouse has gotten a lot of mileage and overall people are very pleased with the ergonomics and performance. It presents a similar ergonomic profile to the Zowie FK1 although it is catered towards right handers rather than being ambidextrous. 

Notable players who use it: DaHanG, flame, liddano, mafu, Mesrawr, rapha, ShaDowBurn, Twoeasy, vallutaja, winz.

advanced overwatch guide, mouse, aiming, competitive, zowie

Much like their mousepad, the range of Zowie gaming mice are becoming extremely popular with competitive FPS players. It's a strong and reliable option that comes with few flaws. There are multiple variations of the Zowie mouse with small changes (such as size) that are worth looking into before purchasing.

Notable players who use it: (Including FK2 users) - EnVyUs (team), art1er, Bromas, Draceushymzi, Kryw, LINkzr, moonL, twidi, Zaprey.

advanced overwatch guide, mouse, aiming, competitive, logitech

I use this mouse and have used its predecessors for what must be close to 10 years. It's a relatively large mouse which is great for my big hands and it comes with two easily accessible side buttons which provide great hotkey options in-game.  I have never had a problem with this family of gaming mouse. There are more modern iterations from Logitech such as the Logitech G502 you may want to check out as my history with this particular design makes me hesitant toward switching up.

Notable players who use it: Surefour, kyynel, Reaver, baud.

Headset and Headphones

Gaming headsets can get a bad wrap, but if you're looking for high quality sound and voice without breaking the bank the HyperX Cloud Revolver is a solid choice. With no significant drawbacks and a long life you may want to consider upgrading if applicable as this will improve your ability to play by sound.

Notable players who use it: EnVyUs (team), Liquid (team), Luminosity (team), NRG eSports (team), winz.

This option of headphone (no microphone) is the high end option if you are looking for the best in sound quality. It's expensive but with the cost comes incredible quality with no discernible downsides. If you don't mind the price you don't have to look much further than these bad boys. You will need to find yourself a microphone to go with it though. A popular choice is the Blue Yeti.

Notable players who use it: PapaSmurf323, PYYYOUR.


The Logitech G810 is a minimalist approach to the modern mechanical keyboard, packed with the best hardware without superfluous additions and gizmos. It is quieter than your regular mechanical keyboard so there's less chance of your microphone picking it up. A keyboard like this allows you to have super responsive and quick key presses that make your gameplay feel much more fluid.

Notable players who use it: Cloud 9 (team)

The Razer BlackWidow presents a flashier alternative to the Logitech Keyboard above. It has a very similar functionality with high regard for the feeling and responsiveness of key presses, although the key presses are reportedly relatively loud which may or may not be your thing. This keyboard comes with a small wrist guard which is lacking from the Logitech option.

Notable players who use it: Liquid (team), flame, harbleu, KnOxXx, Kruise.


DXRacer's Racing series is ergonomically constructed with a slim built body similar to the Formula series, but with an even taller backrest. The 2-dimensional armrests and the fully adjustable backrest (between 90-135 degrees) allows for extra customizability to fit your personal preferences while performing different tasks. The star base and the SGS certified gas lift holds weights up to 100 kg (approx. 220 pounds). If you are looking for a chair with wider dimensions check out the DX Racer Tank Series.

Notable players who use it: Many players use some version of the DX Series of chairs.


GTX 1080, Intel Core i7-6700K, 4.4 Ghz, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, 512 GB SSD

If you are looking for a pre-built desktop with peak performance now and for years to come, check out this beast. With cutting edge hardware and sleek aesthetics it presents itself as a quick and easy way to ensure your computer will run games flawlessly for years to come. If the price is too steep, check out some cheaper option like the ADMI ULTRA GAMING PC.

Headset and Headphones
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